A Bird Walk at Chan Chich

John V. Moore


This CD is an updated version of the cassette originally published in 1994. It features the vocalizations of 153 species of birds as well as other nature sounds. Four new species and 26 new vocalizations have been added to the original play list. In addition, 25 cuts from the original cassette have been replaced with better recordings. The vocalizations are arranged as part of a hypothetical walk covering some of the most productive birding areas at Chan Chich.

All but one of the vocalizations were recorded along the trails and roads adjoining the Chan Chich Lodge which is located in northwestern Belize near the Guatemalan border. The lodge itself is situated in the midst of 300,000 acres of seasonal rainforest and has a well maintained and convenient trail system encompassing over 9 miles of trails and over 10 miles of little used roads. Hunting has been prohibited in the area for many years; and this and its isolation make Chan Chich extremely rich in wildlife.

Published 2010. Suggested retail price: $10.00

In addition to the vendors listed on the frontpage of this website, you can also buy the CD in the lodge itself.

For more information:
Daryl Knight and Emily Meegan
US office Chan Chich Lodge, Belize Travel Planners
PO Box 1088, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568
800 343 8009, 508 693 0856, fax - 508 693 6311
chanchichlodge@verizon.net , www.chanchich.com
To call direct to Belize from the US - 011 501 223 4419

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